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Where in Australia to travel in April

By Juliette · April 2024 · 9 min read
For Aussies, April is always one of the most popular months of the year for travel in Australia due to a few public holidays off (woohoo!); plus the school holidays over the Easter period.

April is a month with typically pleasant temperatures and weather that are still warm, however, they lack the scorching heat or uncomfortable humidity of summer. Yet does the fact it's the holidays mean everywhere is going to be annoyingly busy to visit? And if you're looking for the best places to travel in Australia during April, whether you're a local or visiting abroad, which destinations should you choose to get the most out of your trip? Taking the above factors into account, here's our list of the top 5 destinations to visit in Australia during April:

6. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Average Temperatures: 17C

Just 2.5 hours from Sydney, the landscape looks very different landscape from the bustling city of the CBD. Home to beautiful hikes, crispy fresh air and charming towns, it’s an awesome time to visit in April.

Consider visiting at the start of April (even late March) to catch the Autumn leaves changing into red. It makes for picturesque walks and picnics, across all the towns. Some local favourites include Leura Mall, Everglades Gardens and Wentworth Falls.

If having the most walking tracks in Australia and beautiful Autumn leaves in April are not enough, Blue Mountains is also home to the steepest railway in the world. Right in the heart of the mountains. Scenic World’s Scenic Railway was previously used for mining in the 1850s but now open to the public to soak in the beauty of nature.

5. Launceston, Tasmania

Average Temperatures: 18C

For those seeking a cooler April travel destination, consider Tasmania, Australia's southernmost state. With a climate reminiscent of a slightly warmer England, April in Tasmania offers calm, sunny days and cool, crisp evenings adorned with Autumn colors, creating a picturesque setting for your travels. While Hobart seems like the obvious base, newcomers might find Launceston a compelling alternative, especially with limited time. Tasmania's second-largest city, Launceston, radiates old-world charm, boasting a waterfront district adorned with historical architecture, parks, gardens, craft galleries, and boutiques. Positioned centrally, Launceston offers easy access to diverse trips within reasonable driving distance. Despite its smaller size, Tasmania's attractions are conveniently navigable, and hiring a car is recommended for an extended stay. Unlike busier destinations, traffic is typically manageable here. April still sees some rainfall, common in Tasmania, but the predictable weather allows for planned adjustments. Explore Launceston's quirks and venture beyond for essential Tasmanian experiences merely hours away.

Cradle Mountain‐Lake in St Clair National Park is a Tasmanian gem, offering lush alpine scenery that contrasts mainland Australia. Named after its cradle-shaped mountain, it's rich with diverse trails and the famed Overland Track hike. A bit over 2 hours drive from Launceston, it's a photogenic spot worth a visit—so bring your good camera. Alternatively, a 2.5-hour drive east leads to the East Coast with picture-perfect spots like Wineglass Bay, St. Helens, and St. Marys. For indulgence, head to Tamar Valley, known for culture, dining, and wineries. With Launceston as your base, enjoy diverse natural sightseeing despite a bit of chill.

4. Gold Coast, Queensland

Average Temperatures: 25C

Queensland's Gold Coast is a year-round destination known for its consistent weather. However, certain times have drawbacks. Winter lacks water sports, summer can be uncomfortably hot, and Schoolies Week disrupts mid-November to early December. April stands out, free from these issues, showcasing the best of this popular getaway. With less rain than summer, warm weather prevails—ideal for theme parks, beach fun, kayaking, jet skiing, and cruising waterways.

Gold Coast's active season hosts key events due to ideal conditions. Australian Surf Life Saving Championships challenge top beach ironmen. Surfers Paradise festival adds entertainment to the tourist hub. SupaNova Cosplay Parade showcases comic enthusiasts, while Gold Coast film festival appeals to art lovers. For attractions, theme parks reign supreme for families. Opt for weekdays to avoid weekend queues. Look for promotions and deals, especially in April. Check our theme park deals for multi-park savings.

Hot tip: If you want to save, pre-book tickets to get $10 off gate price.

3. Barossa Valley, South Australia

Average Temperatures: 20C

One of the key drawcards for visitors to South Australia is the Barossa Valley, which has more than earned its reputation as one of the finest wine-producing regions in all of Australia. If you've got even a passing interest in fine wine and food, then there are few other places in the country during April that will provide you with a better balance of both sightseeing and food than the Barossa Valley. April, and the autumn months in general bring out the best in the region's Mediterranean-style climate that is one of the key contributing factors in aiding its production of some of the best up-and-coming wines in the world. Couple this with a strong overall culinary culture, as food plays almost as large a role as wine in the region, and Barossa becomes one of the best destinations for all things appetising. with numerous restaurants as well as quaint, old-world style accommodation including B&B's, and you've got a getaway that is a scenic, quaint, and relaxing destination rolled into one.

Cooler weather enhances strolls through Barossa's townships and vineyards in April. This month shines for Barossa Valley with the bi-annual Vintage Wine Festival. It offers wine and cheese tastings, as well as carnivals, music, dance, and cultural events, adding wine-themed fun to your calendar. Barossa Valley's culture boasts a strong German and European influence, evident in architecture, especially in Tanunda and Hahndorf. Definitely worth a stop-in when you’re in South Australia. This European touch gives the region an exotic feel, making it seem like an overseas destination within Australia. Renting a car or taking a tour are both options for exploring the region. With your car, you're free to move, while guided winery tours from Adelaide ensure responsible travel. Regardless of how you explore, Barossa Valley offers renowned Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Riesling. Visit well-known cellar doors or boutique wineries for hidden gems.

2. Alice Springs & The Red Centre, Northern Territory

Australia's Red Centre is renowned for its scorching summer heat and iconic landmarks like Uluru and the Olgas. Fortunately, April offers a shift, cooling down with clear skies for a different experience. As a bonus, while others flock to east-coast tropics, heading west to the heart of the country means encountering fewer tourists. Alice Springs, a hub for Red Centre exploration, gains advantages in April. The Outback town's usual arid landscape sees patches of green, mild weather, and fewer visitors.

Explore historic Alice Springs and its attractions at a leisurely pace, rather than a rushed visit to Uluru. The town offers camel rides, unique wildlife parks, treks, and more alongside the standout Uluru. It is an essential bucket list destination. April's warm days and clear nights make visiting more comfortable. The region's stargazing reputation provides magical views of the clear night sky, enhancing the Uluru experience. For an alternative, head to Kakadu National Park, further north. April offers lower humidity, better accessibility, and active waterfalls before the dry season. Kakadu offers diverse ecosystems—sandstone escarpments, lush forests, waterfalls, and wildlife—a true natural showcase. Accessible from Darwin via day tour, it's best explored over several days to truly appreciate its World Heritage-listed wonders.

Hot Tip: Traveling to Uluru in April? Grab a cheap fly-net for your hat to combat pesky flies, a common gripe during this time.

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Despite its summer reputation, experts favour April for visiting the iconic Great Barrier Reef, Australia's natural wonder. April boasts mild to warm weather, fewer rain showers, and clear skies, offering consistency in Tropical North QLD's unpredictable conditions. This predictability aids planning water activities like snorkeling and diving. For April visits, accessible sites like Knuckle and Hardy Reefs shine for aquatic exploration. Encounter diverse fish and corals. Facilities such as pontoons and platforms enhance the experience. Note that stinger protection is still wise, and operators provide wetsuits for safety. Touring the reef during April, guided by experts, ensures safe and memorable experiences.

Lastly, while April avoids the true peak season of the Great Barrier Reef in general, if you're planning to stay at one of the areas near the reef during this period, such as Cairns, Port Douglas, the Whitsundays or Airlie Beach, you'll want to be sure to book your accommodation up to 6 months in advance, as accommodation rates tend to jump during the school holiday periods. There are numerous tour and holiday packages for the Great Barrier Reef available among the many different tour operators that service the reef.

If you're looking for more things to see and do in the regions listed above or in other regions around Australia and New Zealand, check out our full catalogue for thousands of tours, activities and attractions.

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