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Three experiences every Aussie needs to have in Broome

Once a slow-moving pearling town, Broome is now a secluded, laid-back getaway spot in the Kimberley Region – two-and-a-half hours north of Perth by plane. Its welcoming atmosphere has been built upon a melting pot of multicultural influences, and its land is rich with colourful Australian flora. Once you’re in Broome, the entirety of the beautiful Kimberley region is easily accessible, as is the unparalleled natural beauty of the Dampier Peninsula further north. So, don’t fret that you can’t leave Australia just yet – take advantage of recently released half-price flights and get into Broome, where the tropically warm oceans and fiery sunsets over the sea will give you the holiday fix you’ve been craving, all while supporting local businesses. We’ve come up with our top three must-do experiences to get your travel nerves tingling!

Ride the camels along beautiful Cable Beach

Sitting atop a friendly camel and cruising the white-sand stretch of Cable Beach is at the front of most of Broome visitors’ must-do lists. Wake up with the sunrise and meander down to the ocean to spend the morning with the cheeky animals, or opt to plod along the shore later in the day with the ruby and tangerine sunset sky as your backdrop. Experience the fun of feeding your new pals afterwards and have a laugh at the enthusiasm with which they’ll chomp on whatever you give them – just watch your hands! With an experienced tour guide to help you hop on and off the camels, you’re in such good hands that even the kids can come.

Get your heart racing in the natural chaos of the Horizontal Falls

Gear up for an immersive experience in one of the Kimberley’s most exciting natural spots, defined by Sir David Attenborough himself as one of the “greatest wonders of the natural world”. Located in the Buccaneer Archipelago, these unique waterfalls are only accessible by seaplane. Hop aboard and enjoy the scenery below as your traverse above the Kimberley ranges – spot Cable Beach and Willie Creek, and enjoy the whole archipelago from above before reaching Talbot Bay. Then, swap the plane for a boat and surge through the waters of the bay, which are sure to get even the most stoic travellers’ heart rate up!

The turquoise current of the bay surges between two aligned gorges, creating waterfalls that rush in horizontal formation and create an adrenaline-filled ride for anyone aboard its currents. For those craving even more adventure, there’s an opportunity to swim in a shark and crocodile free cage, but for the more cautious, feeding the friendly fish is available too. To wind down from the adventure that was, enjoy a delicious meal aboard a luxurious houseboat, surrounded by the lapping, teal waters of the bay. Take a half-day in the morning or afternoon with a meal included, or slow-paced travellers can take a full day to immerse themselves in the natural phenomenon. No matter which style of travelling you choose, be sure to look out for Cape Leveque and Beagle Bay on the way back to Broome on the plane!

Take a tour of the Pearl Farm and surrounding beauty of Willie Creek

It’d be amiss to visit Broom and not experience the production and beauty of its finest natural resource – pearls. If you’ve got your own 4WD, travel an hour south from Broome to Willie Creek and take a tour of the pearl farm. Watch a live harvesting of the precious gem, and witness how they turn the coveted material into beautiful pieces of jewellery. Finish the day by hopping on a cruise around the tunnelling waters of the creek, taking in the aquamarine waters that snake their way around the white-sand land. If you’re stuck for transport, make life easier and enjoy all the perks of the farm with the added bonus of a mouth-watering local lunch, and transport to and from Broome!

Start planning your visit to Broome here, with our range of curated experiences certain to make your holiday extraordinary. Western Australia is filled with striking coastal landscapes and unique experiences. Take a wander over to the West Coast for a holiday that dreams are made of.

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