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Top 10 sunsets in Australia

By Matt · September 2023 · 6 min read
Everyone loves a good sunset, and here in Australia we're lucky enough to see some truly great ones.

There are countless amazing locations around Australia to take in a striking evening sky; but which are the best places to do so? Here, we break down the top 10 sunsets in Australia as voted by you, the public.

10. Grampians National Park, Victoria

Image: Thousand Wonders In Victoria's Grampians National Park, you'll find numerous stunning lookouts offering diverse sunset views over the rugged landscape. While it's challenging to pick a single viewpoint, "The Balconies" stands out as the most famous and reachable via an easy walk. These sandstone rocks extend from the cliff, providing an ideal vantage point with expansive views of the Victorian Valley to the south and Lake Wartook to the north. It's one of Australia's most photographed sunset spots, thanks to the striking combination of rugged ranges and changing sunlight. Although less accessible than some other destinations, you can still explore the Grampians on a day tour from Melbourne.

9. Darwin, Northern Territory

Image: Racheal Christian Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, offers a unique blend of outback, city, and coastal experiences, all against the backdrop of stunning sunsets. The size of Darwin's harbor provides numerous vantage points for impressive sunsets, with spots like Dripstone Cliffs and East Point Reserve being local favorites. Sunsets hold cultural significance in Darwin, with events often centered around them. The popular Mindil Beach Markets, perfectly timed for sunset, let you shop, dine, and enjoy the sunset by the water all in one place. With family-friendly activities, natural attractions, and a rich history, Darwin is an incredible destination in Australia's top end.

8. Moreton Island, Queensland

Image: Globe Trotter Girls Moreton Island, an easily accessible island from Brisbane, offers a tranquil escape. With vast sand dunes, untamed forests, and beautiful beaches, it's a great day trip or overnight destination. However, the real magic happens at sunset. What sets Moreton Island's sunset apart is the opportunity to view it against the backdrop of the famous Tangalooma Wrecks. These 15 sunken ships, originally intended as a break wall for fishermen, have transformed into a popular man-made reef and snorkeling spot. As the sunlight reflects off the water and the wrecks, Moreton Island's sunset becomes one of Australia's most unique and stunning experiences. The best part? You can reach this natural wonder within an hour from Brisbane.

7. Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

Image: Paul Sheringham's Nature and Landscape Photography Lord Howe Island, a stunning island off the New South Wales coast, is renowned for its natural beauty and is a top spot in Australia to catch a sunset. The island offers numerous vantage points for sunset viewing, with the sun setting earlier during the winter months. Lord Howe's mountainous terrain, formed by volcanic activity, creates striking effects as the sun's path outlines these peaks. For breathtaking 360-degree views, make the effort to climb the 875m-high Mount Gower, which dominates the island. From this mountaintop vantage point, you'll be treated to one of Australia's most spectacular sights, with vistas of the pristine reef and lush rainforest below.

6. Kakadu, Northern Territory

Australia's Kakadu National Park is a diverse attraction that becomes truly enchanting at sunset. The presence of migrating birds adds an authentic Australian touch to the scene. The ultimate sunset spot in Kakadu is Ubirr, a massive rock outcrop offering panoramic views of endless floodplains. Ubirr is also renowned for its rich collection of ancient Aboriginal rock paintings, providing a meaningful pre-sunset activity. Though somewhat remote and requiring a drive, as well as a short climb to reach the lookout, these minor challenges are well worth the breathtaking visual rewards. To experience a sunset that embodies the essence of Australia, Kakadu is hard to surpass.

5. Uluru, Northern Territory

Few sights in Australia are as iconic as the sun setting over Uluru, a universally recognizable image for both Australians and international travelers. At sunset, Uluru's colors are at their richest, with changing lighting conditions highlighting its natural contours, creating a truly remarkable scene. To make this iconic sunset accessible, designated viewing areas have been established, allowing visitors to enjoy the magical views while savoring refreshments, including bubbly. Uluru's presence makes it a standout experience for many tourists to Australia. However, reaching Uluru can be quite an undertaking due to its location in the heart of the Red Centre, requiring a significant investment of time and money to witness one of Australia's greatest spectacles.

4. Glenelg, South Australia

Image: On The Road Again Glenelg, a popular coastal suburb in South Australia, is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and scenic waterfront precinct, making sunsets a major attraction. Easily accessible with a 20-minute drive from Adelaide CBD, Glenelg offers shopping, wildlife, and beautiful views. Dolphins are a famous part of the marine life in the area. Glenelg Pier is the focal point, extending into the ocean and providing outstanding coastal views along with glimpses of historic homes dating back to the town's early days. Numerous beachside bars, restaurants, and cafes offer prime sunset views, making it a great backdrop for dining or enjoying drinks. Booking in advance is advisable for coveted window seats during sunset.

3. Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Image: Bunyip Tours Victoria's most scenic drive, the Great Ocean Road, is a highlight that becomes even more enchanting at sunset. The rugged coastal scenery and rock formations, especially The Twelve Apostles, take on a breathtaking red hue as the sun sets, creating a truly majestic spectacle. The Apostles Visitor's Centre lookout offers a photogenic scene with the combination of the iconic rocks, evening glow, and the wild coastline. Majestic aptly describes this experience. Stretching 243km, the Great Ocean Road is not just a drive but a journey that seamlessly blends wildlife and nature. You can explore inland to encounter koalas, kangaroos, emus, towering trees in Otway National Park, and hundreds of fur seals at Cape Bridgewater. It's an essential bucket list item in Australia.

2. Cable Beach, Western Australia

Perhaps more than any other destination on this list, the main attraction of the entire Cable Beach and Broome region is the sunset itself. The unbelievable mix of colours on display coupled with views of the Indian Ocean and the unique "Staircase to the Moon" optical illusion (during its limited season) makes witnessing a sunset at Cable Beach is an unmissable experience. The Staircase to the Moon phenomena occurs between March and October, creating a dazzling visual effect on the land and water. This is due to the clear skies combining with low tides exposing the mud flats of the bay, allowing the reflection to form a staircase-style illusion. It's this combination of unforgettable colour that makes Cable Beach's sunsets so beautiful.

1. Busselton, Western Australia

The charming seaside town of Busselton, located southwest of Perth, has maintained its allure over the years while undergoing thoughtful development. Busselton's 1.8km-long Jetty is a central element contributing to the town's charm, offering a perfect vantage point for its renowned sunsets. What sets Busselton's sunsets apart is their distinct indigo-purple tinge, deviating from the typical red-orange glows found in other places. According to Sue Mountford, MFO of Busselton Jetty, the unique aspect of these sunsets is that they occur over Cape Naturaliste since Geographe Bay faces north. The extensive views across the bay create a serene and calming aura. With its escapist atmosphere, excellent waterfront amenities, charming seaside architecture, and stunning skies, Busselton rightfully claims the title of Australia's Best Sunset.

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