Hyde Park Sydney

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Hyde Park Sydney

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Australia's oldest public park is also one of its most impressive, both due to its layout and its location. A veritable oasis right in the heart of Sydney, Hyde Park is a 16-hectare exhibition of well maintained greenery, monuments and activity with wide and open grassed areas, plenty of shade and trademark fountain, while icons of the cityscape can be seen poking their head above the foliage. There are also a duo of cafes at each end from which to grab a coffee or snack, as well as an impressive war memorial at the park's far end. The perfect diversion away from the busy city streets right nearby, Hyde Park a great spot to kick back with a book or laze in the sun and come away refreshed - plus it's often populated with some surprisingly talented buskers and street performers. The centrepiece of Hyde Park Sydney is its elegant and beautiful Archibald Memorial Fountain - an impressive construction that mirrors Greek mythology, and relaxing part of the park alongside which to relax. Hyde Park also grants great views of the neighbouring St. Mary's Cathedral with its impressive facade looming over the park. Combine this with its wonderfully-maintained gardens and extensive array of greenery throughout, and you've got a worthy floral hub for Australia's flagship city.


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Additional Information
  • Easily accessible by public transport - bus and 2 major rail stations
  • Cafe inside park serves coffee & sweets
  • Public toilets available
  • Large retail stores located nearby
  • Plenty of shade in the day, and well-lit at night
Australia's oldest public park
Great mix of day shade and lighting at night
Can reach by bus, train, or bicycle
Memorials, fountains, flowers and cafe
16 hectares
Beautifully maintained gardens
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