School Holidays are the hardest (and the best) time

By Sam · September 2023 · 5 mins min read
Sure, we get to skip lunch boxes and the madness of finding clean uniforms. But when we really weigh things up, school holidays are the hardest time. Day after day—nothing on the agenda. And kids who expect the agenda full, ideally from the minute the sun comes up.
Whether you're juggling work, trying to keep a house clean (unlikely!) or struggling with the internal guilt of delivering the best damn holidays ever—we hear you. The best thing you can do is get an itinerary sorted that doesn’t break the bank. Then, school holidays are actually the best time. The times you get to see their cheeky faces light up at new things. The times you get to be with them, uninterrupted, no homework to nag about. The times you get to fill your days with fun for the whole family.
Here, we take the pressure of lining up your school holiday activities. Budget-friendly, easy to book, and sure to put a smile on their dial. Browse, book, nab a deal. With us on your team, you can turn boredom into a buzz of excitement without splashing a fortune.
Let Experience Oz make planning easier on you:

Cool off with a water activity

We’ve all heard the trick of putting a whiny newborn in the bath to chill them out. That trick seems to continue into the tweens. Put a kid in the water and they’re entertained for hours. Do an experience involving water and they’ll be thankful for days. Water parks, snorkel trips, parasailing, kayaking, surf lessons, swims with seahorses, dolphin feeding—the list goes on.

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Hit up the theme parks

Need an exciting way to make the most of the school holidays? You need a theme park. Here in Oz, we’ve got heaps of adventure-packed destinations to choose from, and most of them will keep all ages happy.

You and the kids can scream your way through roller coasters and step into fantastic worlds that spark excitement and imagination. Giant swings, water slides, furry animals; a theme park is the perfect way to turn ordinary school holidays into extraordinary times none of you will ever forget.

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The all-essential zoo or wildlife park trip

The only thing that can compete with the energy of wild kids is wildlife. Slide an all-essential trip to a zoo or a wildlife park into your school holidays and you can’t go wrong. Under the disguise of having fun they’ll learn about animals from all around the world, sparking their curiosity and expanding their knowledge.

Many zoos and sanctuaries also offer interactive experiences like feeding sessions and animal encounters, allowing your kids to get hands-on and connect deeply with the animal kingdom. Pack a picnic, grab your binoculars, and take a wildlife adventure during the school holidays. Just don’t follow through with that empty threat you always make about feeding them to the lions.

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Do something challenging

There’s something very satisfying about pushing yourself to do something challenging. Both you and the kids will get a kick out of stepping outside the comfort zone during the school holidays. It may even bond you together if things have been rocky (rocky times, try rock climbing!).

Whether it'szip-lining, doing an obstacle course or tackling a fear like heights at ahigh building, there's no shortage of options to choose from. These are experiences that can boost confidence and create family memories to cherish as you cheer each other on. So swap an empty day for something challenging that will leave both you and your kids with a sense of accomplishment.

Do something artistic

Think your kid’s some kind of Picasso? Let them go deeper on their artistic side during the school holidays. Creative experiences are a great way to keep them entertained while also sparking their imagination (in a more dynamic way than 10 back-to-back episodes of Bluey or Paw Patrol).

Visit a nearby art gallery or museum, sign them up for a<ahref="">painting workshop, take atour of local street art, or find your local<ahref="">ArtVo! Or maybe just sneak them into a paint-and-sip that allows kids so you can really enjoy the experience. A splash of colour and inspiration will go a long way during their school holiday break.

We all know zoos and aquariums are a hit with the kids. But big wildlife parks aren’t the only animal experiences worth signing up for during the school holidays. Think outside the box and look for encounters that are intimate and up close.

More intimate animal encounters

We all know zoos and aquariums are a hit with the kids. But big wildlife parks aren’t the only animal experiences worth signing up for during the school holidays. Think outside the box and look for encounters that are intimate and up close.

Fromhand-feeding dolphinsto horse riding,swimming with seals,watching butterflies hatch orpatting manta rays. These hands-on interactions go beyond observation, allowing your small people to create personal connections with nature. Just be warned: you’ll almost certainly be nagged for a new pet in the week that follows.

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