Blue Lotus Water Garden

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Blue Lotus Water Garden

What you can expect

Spread over 14 acres of land, the Blue Lotus Water Garden is home to thousands of exotic and native flowering plants including waterlilies and lotus. The garden also has four greenhouses that grow some of the rarest plants, such as the Giant Amazon Lily, Victoria cruziana, the world’s largest lily species. These lilies can grow over 5ft in diameter and be strong enough to hold the weight of a small child! If you visit at the right time, you might see the giant lily in flower! Over 48 hours the flower grows over 30cm in size, opens as a white flower and turns pink before dying. Getting around the gardens is easy and relaxing with various walking tracks connecting the gardens as well as 15 ornate bridges arching over the many ponds and two lakes that surrounding the gardens. Other attractions include the Winch House showcasing a variety of different hybrid waterlilies, the Rare Plants Pavilion featuring the Nile River’s Egyptian Blue Lotus Waterlily and the Crocodile Plant Pavilion showcasing the spiny leaves, barbs and spikes of the Euryale xerox lily from Eastern Asia.


What you need to know

  • Gardens open from the 27th of December to 3rd of April Opening hours
  • December, January and February 10am - 5pm
  • March and April 11am -4pm Prices
  • Free entry to the retail nursery
  • Kids (0-15 years) FREE
  • Adults $17
  • Seniors $14
Exotic flowering plants
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